Agricultural/ Food industry

BKV group d.o.o.FDS d.o.o. Mavi  d.o.o. Mladegs Pak d.o.o.
Agriculture / beekeepingTobacco industry/cigarettes producerProduction of pasta products and phylloFood Processing
HEPOK d.o.o.Mingos – Caffee d.o.o.Novi dan  d.o.oSarajevska pivara d.d.
Wine production and distillates/ VineyardsFood Industry, Services (Coffee roasting, grinding and packing of roasted and ground coffee)Medicinal plantsFood industry/Production of beer
Pivara d.d.Sezona d.o.o.Smrčak d.o.o.Šeherconi d.o.o.
Production of drinksAgriculture and Food ProcessingAgriculture and Food Processing Food industry (production of ice cream cones – wafels).
Leko Essence d.o.o.
Helichrysum italicum oil
Ljbilje LLC
Production and Processing of Medicinal Herbs Teas and Cosmetics